Book Marketing

Book Marketing

Book Marketing Tools for Authors

  • Amazon Ads for Authors – Alana Terry has a great training on using Amazon Ads to market your book. You can watch her free tutorial and then decide if you want to invest in the whole training.
  • Reader’s Favorite is one of my favorite advertising resources. You can submit your book to get a free, professional review. Or pay to enter it in their book award contest. If you want to become an award-winning author, this is one of my favorite award contests and it was the first award I won as an author.
  • 15+ Places to Promote Your 99cent eBook
  • 76+ Places to Submit Your Free KDP Select Promotion
  • Author Publicity Pack – eBook outlining over 750 places that authors of all genres can get publicity for themselves and their books.
  • Author Marketing Club – The Author Marketing Club has a ton of resources for authors. Including (but not limited to) a free book submission tool, a list of paid promotion sites, book analyzers, cover creators, group promotions, review tools, description enhancers, and more.
  • Alana Terry, who is also known as, “The Successful Christian Writer” is probably the number one person you should be following in my book. Alana is exactly what she’s known as – a successful Christian indie author. She has written over two dozen books (a combination of novels and non-fiction) and she shares what she has learned along the way with other authors. You can find out more here.

Podcasting Tools for Authors


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