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Blog Post Checklist

Have you ever wished you had a blog post checklist? Something you could look at to walk you through what to do for each post? If so, that’s exactly what I share with bloggers here: Blog Post Checklist

Christian Blogs for Women Pinterest Board

Are you on Pinterest? While the #1 traffic source for my blogs has always been Google, I still get a decent amount of traffic from Pinterest each day. If you are on Pinterest, I would love to have you join my group board, Christian Blogs for Women.

Sticky Blogging

Have you ever wondered how to be better at blogging? Like, you love writing, but you just aren’t getting traffic or you have a super high bounce rate?

I have definitely been there. One thing that helped me was Sticky Blogging, a free course I took that was put together by Kelly Holmes. She taught me how to improve headlines, writing a fabulous intro, and so much more.

If you’re interested, you can check it out for yourself here:

6 Ways to Keep Readers on Your Blog Longer

We all want to keep readers on our blogs longer, right? This blog post by Tasha DaCosta talks about exactly that.

6 Ways To Keep Readers On Your Blog Longer

How do you feel about social media? Honestly, now? Do you feel overwhelmed and confused, especially as a Christian blogger? Jessie Synan created Social Media for Christian Authors and Bloggers, a Facebook group for Christian writers & Christian bloggers that want to work together to promote #TeamJesus all over social media. But it’s not just a Facebook group, it’s a community, a family.

Broken Link Checker

Christian Link-Ups

You can check out my list of Christian link-ups for bloggers here.

FaithLife Reftagger

This plugin converts Bible references to hover cards, including share options and a link to read more on Biblia. It can save you a ton of time if you want to hyperlink your Bible references.

Learn more here:

Blogging Tips

Every Friday I send out a blogging tip email. You can learn more and subscribe here.